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 - bootlegging at its most dangerous level. It...
bootlegging at its most dangerous level. It wili breed corruption just as prohibition did. It is insulting insulting and demeaning, and invites invites official graft and corrup-. corrup-. corrup-. tion. I have made a serious study study of the effects of brown bagging in the country as it relates to cities our size, and have just completed a survey survey of every city within two thousand of the same popula-' popula-' popula-' 1 tion of Asheville, to deter- deter- mine the effects of brown bagging. . . The results are amazing: ' In every city where brown bagging is the practice, as op posed to the cities wnere mere i are places where liquor may ' be obtained by the drink, those which have brown bagging have nine times the number of ar-. ar-. ar-. rests for public drunkenness as those where there are cocktail lounges. -! -! These same cities have almost almost five times the number of arrests for driving drunk as those where liquor may be purchased purchased by the drink- drink- The most startling face revealed revealed in my survey is that our city, Asheville, has the worst record of any city our size in the United States under under our practice of brown bagging. As an example: many cities where liquor is sold by the drink such as Warren, Ohio, Maiden, Mass., and Vallejo, Calif., all the same size as Asheville, the rate of arrests for public drunkenness aver-ages aver-ages aver-ages about 450. Asheville re-; re-; ports arrests of about 4,505 an- an- nllAllv far nuhlip rirllnlronnpee rhy far largest number of ' arrests for this offense in the United States for a city this size. This holds true for driving drunk also. Where the other cities report around 60 arrests for driving drunk, Asheville reports reports 49S arrests annually for the same offense. ' ' In the belief that all other offenses are somewhat connected connected with drinking habits, I made a further study and found that child beatings, wife beat- beat- to know what one taken today in Asheville would reveal. Certainly Certainly not an improvement. Several times In 1968 artic- artic- 1 les concerning the Asheville Ambulance . Service appeared . in your papers. One article in particular is remembered, ! in which statistics were 1 quoted and the staggering amount of unpaid bills was amazing. .. . 1 When reading this, one is ; concerned about, the .ungrate- .ungrate- ' fulness and indifference of us- us- ! ers, and how it places the serv- serv- ice in jeopardy. Am sure all ! realize the necessity and need ' for a good reliable service, and surely Ashevillians are willing '. to pay and -pay -pay promptly when these crisis arise, leading to ' the assumption that something ; is lacking in the service. It is realized that a certain percentage of people deliberately deliberately delay paying bills, but don't you really believe if adequate service, help and understanding were given the service would be self-supporting? self-supporting? self-supporting? Certainly a better service could and should be provided for the people people of Asheville, and an attempt attempt made" to better North Carolinas service avoiding additional additional criticism in other national national magazines. E. E. Meyer Asheville. Bring Back Bags Thank you for giving first place to and promoting "brown-bagging" "brown-bagging" "brown-bagging" the MOST important important issue confronting the people people of North Carolina today. , People need their booze, and they should be able to use it in an adult manner. What with the Dauchaus, Koreas, Viet-nams, Viet-nams, Viet-nams, not to speak of nagging wives, ornery neighbors and impossible moral demands made by our Judeo Christian heritage we need something to deaden our senses, kill our fears, salve our consciences, and lessen our tensions. Furthermore, there are relatively relatively few vices left for us to enjoy any more! Dope and drugs are outlawed and smok- smok- i ( . ings, divorces, desertion, non- non- fog is too hazardous, our gov ernment tells me. What's, therefore, a man to do? Roy O. Frank Brevard. v -" -" Signs Dominate In connection with Lady Bird Johnson's national highway beautification plan, and the current current hue and cry against billboards, billboards, I submit the following anonymous verse which I recall recall from years ago. I think that I shall never see A billboard lovely as a tree; Perchance, unless the billboards billboards fall, I shall never see a tree at all! Stuart Sewell Rt. 6, Asheville. support and such related fami ly offenses follow the same pattern pattern here and in all cities i where there is brown bagging , or complete prohibition as re-. re-. re-. lated to ' those cities, where liquor is sold by the drink, j We can't have a decent city until we get cocktail lounges here, and eliminate the evil of brown bagging. George Coggins Asheville. . Bad Publicity The February issue of Reader's Reader's Digest carries an article on the deplorable quality of North Carolina ambulance care, and that survey , was made in 1965. It would be interesting

Clipped from Asheville Citizen-Times14 Feb 1967, TuePage 4

Asheville Citizen-Times (Asheville, North Carolina)14 Feb 1967, TuePage 4
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